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Creamy Hydrating Lotion (pump jar)

Creamy Hydrating Lotion (pump jar)

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For ease of use, we’ve formulated just the right texture that allows this tallow and emu oil blend to pump out of its glass bottle. About a quarter of a pump is all you need for your hands. A little goes a long way!

There are 4 scents available in 4oz glass pump jars:

Unscented: just the grass fed beef tallow and emu oil.

Geranium: a nice flowery scent with tallow, emu oil, and geranium essential oil.

Bulgarian Rose: the queen of essential oils, with a light rose scent that’ll capture your heart. With tallow, emu oil, and Bulgarian rose oil straight from a farm in Bulgaria. 

Blooming Citrus: this lotion has a beautiful blend of citrus and flowers with lavender, Roman chamomile, and green mandarin in the tallow and emu oil blend. 

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