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Tallow Balm-Portable Squeeze Tube

Tallow Balm-Portable Squeeze Tube

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Our unscented Simply Tallow Lotion has just one ingredient!

Our whipped tallow lotion is completely natural and made from 100% grass fed beef tallow!

There are no added oils or fillers. Most of the other companies use olive oil, coconut oil, and/or jojoba oil, those additions aren't necessary... tallow is all you need to have beautiful skin!

Beef tallow has vitamins A, B, D, and K in it naturally, as well as collagen! It's so good for your skin.

The scented ones use only the best quality, dōTERRA, essential oils.

This handy 2 ounce squeeze tube is BPA free and a great way to carry your lotion with you. Instead of a heavy glass jar, it’s light and portable.

The scented one is lightly scented with wild orange and Madagascar vanilla essential oils for a deliciously relaxing scent. 

Unscented is just tallow and emu oil.

No more plant-based products for our skin! It doesn’t make sense… animal fat works better, because we are also animals! On a cellular level, tallow is better for us!

We also have nontoxic candles and salt scrub featuring Redmond Real Salt.

Citrus oils can cause photosensitivity. Please don’t use when having prolonged sun exposure. 

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