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Carnivore Revolution

Candle - Grass Fed Beef Tallow

Candle - Grass Fed Beef Tallow

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I used to love candles, but haven't had one in my house for about 10 years (except for the occasional birthday candle). Once I learned how toxic candles were, I immediately stopped using them. They can cause hormone disruption, ADHD, allergies, and many other things that you never thought that your delicious smelling candle could cause. 

Now, you can have a candle that is non-toxic! 

Our candles are made with grass-fed beef tallow and a bit of bees wax for stability.

We have unscented and a lightly scented one that has a blend of essentials that help with relaxation. 

They do not smell like tallow or beef at all. 

8 Ounces. Approximately burn time, 24 hours. Please never leave your candles unattended. 

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